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Grow your own medicine!

Vigourous calinda flowersOur calendula seeds are fresh and a pure, medicinally effective strain of this remarkable plant.

It's easy to grow your own calendula using our seeds and they will produce hardy and attractive crops for you to harvest for at least 9 months of the year. Calindula flowers are best when fresh so it makes sense to grow your own and reap the benefits of using plants straight from the garden. Also, when you grow your own you will know that the produce is safe! The various medicines are easy to prepare and free; you can save $100's in a year, treating your family.

There is a wealth of information on the Internet about the uses, the recipies and the effectiveness of medicinal calendula  with some useful links here >>

Our calendula officinalis seeds are fresh, from this season, and have a high germination rate, establish well in most gardens and just keep flowering for months on end. We make sure that our production crops remain pure with no cross-hybridisation from less effective strains of decorative calendula.

Calendula Offinalis seeds
Calendula seeds

Fresh, vigourous caledula officinalis seeds - grow your own medicine.